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Replica Bouquets


We have heard many sad stories from clients who thought a family member was taking care of their bouquet after their wedding and came home from their honeymoon to find it dead. Some clients have also tried the do-it-yourself method and it failed miserably. The first time a client told us a story like this, we decided that making silk replica bouquets was something we would really like to do!

You send us photos of your bouquet and we create a silk, hand-crafted replica as a reminder of your special day. If we need to subsitute flowers, we let you know in advance but always maintain the look and feel of the original bouquet. This makes a great birthday, anniversary or holiday gift! Contact us for additional information.

Candice did a beautiful job on my bouquet! Unfortunately after my wedding, my mother tried to preserve my real one and ended up destroying it. So I sent Candice pics from the wedding day, and she recreated the bouquet perfectly--the details, colors, types of flowers... her work was spot on. I got the smaller version, but quite honestly it doesn't seem smaller than the bouquet I had on my wedding day--it's definitely substantial. The look and quality is amazing. And it was a very quick turnaround as well! I have it on my desk at home right now as a reminder of the best day I ever had. I'd recommend Candice to any brides out there looking to re-create their wedding day bouquets... it's so worth it!


I was searching for a florist to replicate my wife's wedding bouquet for her Anniversary gift when I came across Duchess Florals. I had a few pictures that I submitted to Candice and she took it on no problem... We just received the bouquet and it is absolutely flawless! We held it up to pictures of the wedding and you cant tell the difference, down to the tiny details. My wife was soo excited to receive it as her actual bouquet has seen better days after the moves that we have made over the years. Thank you very much Candice, it was perfect!


I ordered my wife a replica of the bouquet she carried at our wedding because hers was ultimately not cared for and thrown out. No chance of drying it or preserving so Duchess Florals to the rescue! If we could hold the two side by side I think the only way you'd know a difference is that the replica doesn't smell like fresh flowers. On Christmas Eve my wife opened it and cried. She thought for sure I had just bought another live bouquet. This was perfect in every way imaginable. I would highly recommend Duchess Florals for any projects you have in mind that are similar. Her expertise is fantastic and her attention to detail is phenomenal!


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